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PP1Niner Wine Estates Launches Unique Food and Wine Pairing Experience
Estate Chef Maegen Loring offers the best of wine country dinning

Paso Robles, CA—Niner Wine Estates has hired celebrated Central Coast Chef Maegen Loring to spearhead a new food and wine pairing program. Niner Wine Estates offers a local ingredient inspired menu of food and wine pairings.

“I already feel like part of the family at Niner, and am thrilled to have found a place that allows me to express my creativity across the board. I’m absolutely thriving” says Loring.

Since starting Maegen Loring Catering over 15 years ago, her massive skill in the kitchen combined with her aptitude of pairing local wines has made her the favored Chef for special events. After opening and operating local restaurant favorites, The Park and The Neon Carrot, Maegen now applies her abundant talent to creating farm to table cuisine paired with Niner Wine Estates wines.

“I love working with pairings, because wine really is a living organism; it’s breathing and changing constantly” says the self-proclaimed Farmer’s Market addict. “I’m planning to do everything from small plate weekend pairings, to fried chicken dinners that really showcase the breadth of cuisine that Central Coast wines can be enjoyed with.”

PP2The experience at NINER will be defined by open access to the chefs, a focus on central coast ingredients and intentional pairing of food and wine. Sitting at upcycled wine barrel bistro seating, guests have the unique experience of being able to see their food being prepared in the open kitchen.  Food and wine pairings will be a collaboration between Maegen and Estate Sommelier Heather Lane.

“We want to create a space that allows people to enjoy everything great about Paso Robles wine country under one roof,” says Lane, who you will find wandering around talking to diners during service hours. “I love breaking down all the stigma around food and wine pairing and seeing the look on someone’s face when they take a bit of food and a sip of wine, and inherently understand our intentions with the pairing.”

Niner Wine Estates is a family owned company that crafts wines exclusively from their own SIP Certified vineyards. With two vineyards in Paso Robles, and one in Edna Valley their portfolio stretches from crisp Chardonnay to structured Cabernet Sauvignon.

Food and wine pairings are available Friday-Sunday from 11am-4pm at their LEED Certified Tasting Room located on Highway 46 West.

For a current menu and event schedule please visit their website at www.ninerwine.com